Retail vs Resale: The Best Items to Buy In March

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March is the ultimate sign Spring is on the horizon. According to retail experts at, March typically has a lull in sales for most consumer purchases, because “it’s a month without major shopping holidays. But even without important commerce dates like Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, March does bring its share of noteworthy deals.”

See our top items to purchase for the month of March to ensure you’re shopping smart.



As temperatures rise, the prices on grills will do the same. Retail and personal finance experts at NerdWallet encourage consumers to purchase “summer grilling necessities in March to avoid the spike in prices when summer arrives.” Save more on grilling necessities by purchasing the items resale. Look for well-maintained, sturdy built items, free of dents or rust.


The summer travel season is right around the corner from the start of the Spring season. Many times, you will see a drop in prices on luggage in preparation for pending vacation plans. Whether purchasing individual pieces or a set, look for quality leather or hard-bodied luggage free of rips or tears. Pay close attention to wear and tear around handles, zippers, and wheels.

Winter Sports Equipment

Retail forecast experts at say March is one of the best months to purchase winter-related sports items with excellent discounts. Forecasters mark the month as “the beginning of discount season for winter sporting gear. You can buy last season’s styles for a fraction of their original cost as stores try to sell out old inventory.” With winter increasingly becoming a distant memory with each spring day, retailers offer deep discounts to clear their shelves saving you up to 90% of the original retail cost in most cases.


If you are looking for end of season deep discounts from winter, March is the month to make those purchases. “Warmer weather means cheaper prices on outerwear and winter gear. Plus, with Easter falling at the very beginning of April, Easter sales will start to pop up near the end of March,” says retail savings and trends expert Kristin McGrath. Purchase outerwear resale for more discounts. Look for well-made coats made of natural fibers and free of rips, tears or stains. Also, be mindful of moth, mold or smoke damage.

Items to Avoid Purchasing Retail

In contrast to the best purchases to make in March here are a few to avoid:

  • Android Phones (Better deals in the summer)
  • Spring Apparel
  • Large Appliances/Home Electronics
  • TVs



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